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Black 808s !


Demons Walk With Me




A new album that blurs the lines between hip-hop tones and black metal culture.

To many people, black metal and hip-hop are two completely different worlds. These two musical subcultures are worlds apart. Not many people have experimented with bringing them together. This is exactly what artist Lil Satan managed to accomplish! He set out to combine the drones, textures, and atmospheres of black metal, with the punch of modern hip-hop.

The artist is ready to kick off the new year in style, by releasing a collection of killer brand new songs. His most recent album, “Boyhood To Godhood”, has been published on New Year’s Day. This release is a very diverse, ambitious showcase of creativity and intellect. The album features 16 tracks, which in itself is a really awesome thing. In the age of singles and EPs, not many artists release longer albums. I always appreciate artists who go the extra mile in delivering more substance to their listeners. Thankfully, this definitely appears to be the case. The release kicks in with a poignant opener, “Symphony No.1.”

The eerie textures and understated melodies of this track set the mood for the rest of the album. Each track explores different ideas. However, some of my favorite ones include “The Monster Under My Bed,” due to its striking arrangement and seamless flow, as well as the title track itself, “Boyhood to Godhood.”

Another song that’s definitely worth mentioning is “Star Child.” This song particularly intrigued me due to its more upbeat vibe and engaging beat. It almost veers towards electronic music in terms of pace. This is a perfect example of the amazing versatility that you will find on this album. Lil Satan is not about being stuck to the limitations of a single genre. Instead, he prefers to keep his mind and creativity wide open, so anything can happen when it comes to his music!

“Demons R My Friends” is also one of the most notable songs on the album, in my opinion. What makes the song really special is that its melodic content is quite bare. However, the beats are very prominent, and they have a massive feel, with a rhythm that almost reminds me of tribal drums. The combination of great beat patterns and thought-provoking lyrical wordplay is absolutely winning here, making it one of the most distinctive tracks on the entire album.

Last, but decidedly not least, the final track, “Child Prophet” is actually a really fantastic curtain closer for this release. The song has some really lush atmospheric textures and some amazing dubstep breakdowns that add power and grit to the music.

Lil Satan took many chances on this release, coming up with a sound that could be characterized as a brand new sub-genre. The result is a powerful blend of different styles and ideas, known as 'Black 808s.'"

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