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 f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan

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Tha Son of Satan 


Tha Son of Satan II


The Biological Son of Satan Lucifer

I looked deep into the Devil's picture book and I beheld a Child resting in a Garden, he was crowned with Musical notes and above his head was a bright Star like unto the Sun. Lightning came out of the Star and struck what he was holding in his hands which was in the form of what appeared to be a Lunar Eclipse. I asked the boy what he was holding and when he opened his mouth to answer me I heard a Drum coming out of the Heavens all around me, then he spoke unto me with the Drum in Rhymes saying:

"These are the seven thunders given unto me by my Father,
A mixture of the hottest Fire & the coldest Water,
I Am the Author of many songs to Satanism,
Buried in the Lyrics is my Fathers hidden Wisdom."

The young boy began to cry a thunder storm of pouring rain and lightning, his right eye was hidden behind his hair but I could see his left eye and it was burning with Black and Electric Blue Fire. I was afraid so I turned to leave and as I was leaving I heard the child say:

"No, don't go! The Mystery of my Creation is a Secret Revelation and cannot be plainly revealed lest the Jewish Enemy understand and altar the Divination."

After he had spoken those words he looked around as to make sure no one was around and then he ran up to me and whispered in my left ear saying:

"The Living image of Aten is breathing on the Heart of the Divine Sun Child who is the incarnation of Eternal Antichrist without beginning or end as it has been written in books which have been burned by Jews. The Time of Satan inside the Lifetimes of the World until the Dividing of Time unto immortality is at hand: the time, times and half a time. Be not dismayed of a young boys Wisdom, I know more than you can imagine not of myself but of Satan my Father. He chose me and etched my name into the invincible white stone on the left side of his throne in Hell. The Music of my Creation has been chosen by Satan to encode the Seven Thunders in Secret: The Kingdom of Pharaoh Ramsesses is at hand and has not been forsaken but is Alive in the Hearts of all who have awakened."

All of the sudden the boy disappeared, I looked around and noticed that he had returned to his resting place in the Garden. He continued to speak unto me in accordance with the Drum which came out of the Heavens all around me saying:

"The Satanist who defiles the Son of Satan's image is Damned unto their own doing forever in bondage until the deterioration of their Soul is finished, for mercy is of the God of the Jews, it is diminished and there is no room in my Heart for Forgiveness. HAIL SATAN 4EVER."

As soon as he had said these things I awoke from the Vision and understood the Mystery of the Young Child's Creation but I couldn't explain it because it was not of the world although it has traveled into the World from a place far beyond the Stars of Heaven in the Bottomless Pit of the Universe......



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A Witch of my ascension is like unto 11 Serpents,

Harnessed off of the Ground in the early morning night,

My Music is Satanic Witchery burning Fervent,

A Witchcraft that has the poison of a rattlesnake bite,

Slither through my Soul with electric blue current,

The Kundalini Hissing in white moonlight,

-f0StaR Ch!1d