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 f0StaR Ch!1d

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The Papyrus of Satan's Son


ADORATION OF AMUN RA WHEN HE RISES IN THE EASTERN PART OF HEAVEN, POWERFUL IN HIS NAME SATAN LUCIFER, AND WISE IN HIS NAME ODIN, THE CREATOR OF HUMANITY, THE DEVIL OF XIANITY, ISLAM, AND JUDAISM, THE GREATEST ENEMY TO THE GOD OF THE JEWS. Behold the Ka of Osiris, f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, Prophet of the Gods, and musician of the Gods, saith: “Homage to you, O you who has come as Khepera, Khepera the creator of the Gods. Every morning you rise, shining with glory, making bright the sky Goddess [Nut], who divides the sky and the earth, the mother of the stars in her name Astaroth. You are crowned King of the Gods. Astaroth reaches unto you both of her hands. Beautiful one becoming young in time. Satan Lucifer, the boy who is mighty, the heir of eternity. He gave birth to himself! This is the King of the earth, Prince of Hell, president of the mountains in Asgard, resurrected from water, drawing himself from Anu, nursing himself, increasing his limbs. O God of life, lord of love, shining salvation upon all people, crowned as the King of the Gods, the lord of heaven, the lord of earth, the king of righteousness, the lord of eternity, prince of everlasting, ruler of all Gods, God of life, maker of eternity, creator of heaven! The land of the far west receives you with content, and the Goddess Ma’at embraces you at the two seasons, Peret and Shemu. May you give splendor and power together with triumph, a resurrection as a living soul to see Horus of the two horizons, unto the Ka of Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, triumphant before Osiris, who says: HAIL ODIN and all the gods of the Temple of the Soul, who weigh heaven and earth in the balance, and who provide food and abundance of meat. HAIL SATAN, One, creator of mankind and of the substance of the Gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east. Ascribe praise unto Satan Lucifer, the morning and evening star, the lord of heaven, the Prince of Hell, life, health, and strength, the creator of the Gods. Adore him in his beautiful presence, as he rises in the Atet boat. They who dwell in the heights and they who dwell in the depths worship you. Thoth and Ma’at write your words into stone. Your enemy is given to the fire, the evil one [jesus christ] the liar has fallen; his arms nailed upon a tree, and his legs have Satan Lucifer taken from him. The sons of impotent revolt shall never rise up. The House of the Prince in festival, and the sound of those who rejoice in the dwelling is mighty. The Gods are glad when they see Satan Lucifer in his rising; his beams flood the world with light. The majesty of Satan Lucifer advances venerable, arriving to the land of the far west; illuminating the earth at his birth each day in the far east; arriving at the region wherein he was yesterday. O Father, may you be at peace with me, may I behold your beauties, may I advance upon the Earth upon a black stallion horse, may I crush the evil one [yahweh] the great deciever, may I destroy his vile and worthless son [jesus christ] the liar at his moment, may I see the Abtu fish in his season, and the Ant fish in his, and the Ant boat in its pool; may I see Horus as the guardian of the rudder, with Thoth and Ma’at at his two sides; may I grasp the bows of the Sektet boat, and the stern of the Atet boat. May he grant unto the Ka of Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan a view of the disk of the Sun and a sight of the Moon-god without ceasing everyday, and a resurrection of my soul to walk about every place it pleases; may my name be found and proclaimed upon the board for offering things; may there be placed offerings of food in my presence like the followers of Horus; may there be prepared for me a seat in the boat of the sun on the day of the going forth of the God; and may I be received into the presence of Baron Samedi in the land of triumph.”


[AN ADORATION OF OSIRIS] “Glory be to Osiris, Baron Samedi, the great God within Hell, king of eternity, lord of the everlasting, traversing through millions of years in the duration of his life, the first human being to ever perish in the flesh, eldest Son of the womb of Nut, engendered by Seb the chief, lord of the crowns of the north and south, lord of the lofty white crown. As Prince of Gods and men he has received the crook and the flail and the dignity of his divine fathers. Let your heart which is in the highest mountains of Hell be content, for your Son Horus, who is lord Krishna, is stablished upon your throne. You are crowned lord of Hell, and ruler of Duat. Through you the world waxes green in triumph before the might of Nebertcher; lord of entirety. He leads in his train that which is and that which has not yet become in his name Tahersetanef, the one who draws the world; he tows along the earth in triumph in his name Yama; even Hades and Seker. He is exceedingly mighty and great of terror in his name Osiris, even Baron Samedi. He endures forever and ever in his name Unnifer. Homage to you king of kings, lord of lords, prince of princes, who from the womb of the sky Goddess [Nut], even in her name Astaroth, you have possessed the world and have ruled all lands, even unto Hell. His hands and feet are made of gold, his head is electric blue, emerald upon both of his sides. O Osiris of millions of years, all pervading with your body and beautiful with countenance in Hell. May you grant to the Ka of Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, splendor in the sky and might upon the earth and triumph in the underworld; and that I may sail down to Hell like a living soul and up to Duat like a phoenix; and that I may go in and come out with repulse at the pylons of the underworld. May there be given unto me loaves of bread in the house of coolness, and offerings of meat and drink in Valhalla, and a homestead forever in the Field of Reeds with wheat and barley in it.”


The Ka of Osiris, f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, saith “My heart my mother, my heart my mother, my heart my coming into being! Let there not be resistance to me in judgment; let there not be repulse to me on the part of the divine chiefs; let them not separate you from me in the presence of the possessor of the scales. You are my Ka within my body forming and strengthening my hands and feet. May you come forth to paradise and bring me with you. Let not the council make my name to stink, and let not there be spoken lies against me near the Gods. Good, good is it for you to hear.” The words of Thoth the righteous judge of the cycle of the great Gods who are in the presence of Osiris, saith: “Hear you all this decision! Verily I am justifying the name of Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan. His heart has come forth upon the scale, he has not been found an evil doer. In very truth is weighed the heart of Osiris and his soul is standing as a witness for him; His heart is judged as Right and True upon the great balance. There is no wickedness found in him. He has not wasted food offerings in the temples, he has not done harm in deed, and he has not let go with his mouth evil things while upon the earth.” The cycle of great Gods saith unto Thoth: “Decreed is it that which comes forth from your mouth. Right and True is Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan triumphant. He has not sinned, nor has he done evil in respect of us. Let not Hell be allowed to prevail over him. Let there be given unto him meat and drink in Valhalla, and a resurrection in the presence of Osiris, and a dwelling place in the Field of Reeds like the followers of Horus.


Saith Horus the Son of Isis: “I have come to you Osiris Unnefer, I have brought to you Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan. His heart is right coming forth from the balance. He has not sinned against any God or Goddess. Thoth has weighed his heart according to the decree uttered by the cycle of Gods unto him. He is very righteous and true. It is granted that he be given meat and drink in Valhalla, and a resurrection in the presence of Osiris; may he be like the followers of Horus forever!” Behold Osiris f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, saith: “I am in your presence, O lord of Hell. There is no fault in my body, not have I spoken lies with knowledge, not have I acted with a double intent. Grant that I may be like the favored ones who are round about you, an Osiris favored greatly of the beautiful God, beloved by Lucifer the lord of the world. Love veritably the Prophet f0StaR Ch!1d Son of Satan, triumphant before Osiris.


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