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I was miraculously born through Parthenogenesis—development of an unfertilised female sex cell without any male contribution; reproduction from an ovum without fertilization. I am a boy whose blood has no human father. It is a very rare thing concerning human conception, although I am not the first child this has happened too. 

My skin is genetically different from my blood, containing both an X and Y chromosome like a normal male. What’s fascinating is that my white blood cells have two X’s, which is the chromosome signature of a female, only not exactly. A typical female has two different X chromosomes, one from the father and one from the mother. What makes a boy like me unique is that I have two identical X chromosomes, both entirely derived from my mother. 

The scientific explanation behind my asexual birth is actually really straight forward. The development of my fetus started when an unfertilized egg in my mothers womb self activated and began to divide through mitosis. A sperm cell from my mother then fertilized one of the eggs, and this fusion of cells began to produce an embryo. 

Self activated eggs always quickly lose their ability to be fertilized. Before the unfertilized cells of my embryo lost that ability, they miraculously duplicated their DNA, boosting their chromosome number back up to 46. Wherever the unfertilized cells hit a developmental block, the fertilized cells compensated and filled in that tissue. This unique genetic occurrence explains why my hair is beautiful as a woman’s, and why I am often mistaken for a woman even though I am a warrior.

Many of the prophets before me from ancient old such as the gods Krishna and Horus were born in this very same way. Most of them were foster children the same as I—Yashoda being the foster mother of the god Krishna.



People often tell me that I can’t do this?? They tell me that the world doesn’t want God to be disproven. They tell me that nobody wants to hear??about Satan or the Devil?. But I refuse to stop? proclaiming what I know is the truth. I know that this world ? was not magically created in 7 days out of thin air. I know that human beings evolved from hominids because the physical scientific evidence is right in front of our face—the transitional fossils which have been discovered (e.g. Neanderthals)??

This is where people automatically get offended. They say “?I didn’t come from a monkey?.” ...? yes you did, but that doesn’t mean you are a freakin monkey. You are a human being, there’s a huge difference??

‘Know Thyself.’ It is a very prominent saying that means to know who you are, where you have come and where you are going. In order to understand who we are in reaching our fullest potential, we must first examine and understand the science of our past and where we have scientifically come from. I refuse to watch humanity continue believing in God as they blindly live their lives hoping that the world?? will soon end within their lifetime so that they can go to heaven. I want the truth for humanity so that we can continue to evolve as an intelligent species and I want scientific evidence to support that truth??

If we honestly use the ‘Scientific Method’ there is no production of data which supports the hypothesis of God??

This is why I started Lil Satan?????? I view the Devil as a symbol of science? and I view Satan as the adversary of modern religion. Modern religion is the enemy because it leads humanity to believe in lies? that cannot be proven. I want the truth?? Ancient religions were more based on ancestral science than anything, and that’s why they were polytheistic; told in mythological parables, many of which have been altered and put into the books of modern religion. There are countless gods and goddesses of ancient religion across the entire planet, from the Americas to Africa, Europe to India, and throughout all of Asia—and they are all our ancient ancestors, and that makes them all right and divine with no contradictions cross culturally??

I hate modern religion because it destroys the ancient history of our human ancestors. That’s why I am Lil Satan. That’s why I am the holy prophet of humanity’s ancient ancestral gods. Each one of our human ancestors has been characterized as a demon in one fashion or another by virtually every synagogue?, church?? and mosque?. The gods and goddesses of every ancient human civilization across the entire world? were the first human beings to walk the earth and evolve from various hominid species, many of who’s fossils have been discovered. They were the original creators of humanity and the genius inventors of human intellect??

All life on planet earth? is carbon based and the carbon atom?? contains 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons. 666 is not the number of a man as it states in the bible; it is the number of mankind, the number of all life on earth. We are all 666 and that’s nothing that should be characterized with any aspect of evil or wrongdoing. The pedophilia of Xian preachers in today’s society speaks for itself??

-Lil Satan


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