Black Metal Sub-Culture + Hiphop/Rap Music = Black 808s


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Black 808s !


Outer Space Audio Engineering

If you have music or video audio that you need engineered then work with me. I can extract the audio from your video file if you need me to and you can just easily insert the audio file I give you back into your video because it will be the same exact length. I have done work for independent movies and not just music. I promise that I will have your audio as loud, crisp and clear as any mainstream audio engineer's work for a small fraction of what they would charge you long as it's at least decently recorded. I do all genres too ...just not gospel music. As a foster youth from the streets of California, I specialize in helping independent projects by helping them sound their best. I do it so cheap because I hate the corporate mainstream media with all of my heart. I endeavor for independent movies and music to entirely shutdown the corporate mainstream music industry within my lifetime.

-Lil Satan