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The Book Of Lil Satan


Chapter 1

Humanity is evolving through directional selection and all degenerates will expire in the regeneration. There will be no more human wars when humanity has reached a state of transcendence. Before this alchemy comes to pass, degenerates will populate great in number—even more than those with good genes. Do not be disheartened about the future of mankind and be mindful that racial preservation is an integral part to the future salvation of humanity: that the pure genes in every race might be preserved for the regeneration—the purified evolution of humanity.

Chapter 2

The bloodline of the degenerate is full of languish; the fetus is crying to be unborn from fear of being born incompetent; their genes are decomposing. Being infertile is the great sign! Infertility is the first sign of degeneracy—that a degenerate fool’s genetic makeup has deteriorated to eternal damnation. They will no longer poison, nor pollute the world with their offspring of ignorance; their ancestry has reached it’s final mortal awakening; their conscious inheritance will be nothing until infinity, forsaken forever.

Chapter 3

It is the annihilation of the uneducated fool who lacks respect and discipline that Lucifer Satan prevails against. Apprenticeship and leadership; wisdom and knowledge; peace and transcendence; individuality and originality; patience and intelligence; even authority—these are the eleven virtues of those elected by the Devil: attributes of the prophets. All of the writings which the Prophets have written before the emergence of the abrahamic religions, are true. Satanism is a reaction to the Trinity with blasphemy, while at the same time the restoration of all pagan writings and teachings—all of which do not contradict with each other because they are all told through our ancient ancestors, the gods. All the myths of the gods are stories of our ancient human ancestors—genius inventors of free will, strength, prosperity and wisdom.

Chapter 4

The evolution of humanity is at hand and has been since the start of human civilization. Science is the new religion and the gods have officially crowned Science as king of the gods through my testimony—through the testament of Satan Lucifer’s divine biological Son and a direct kinship to him: Odin, Shiva, Enki, Amun Ra and every last one of his different names known to each ancient language. Never-mind what abrahamic religions have told the world after the old gods and know that without scientific evidence, nothing is true or real. This is the will of the gods that I tell you as their most holy prophet, my music being the divination and proof of my godlike beauty, talent and intelligence. Take the collection of digital sound recordings which I have composed for you and have given you as the holy audio book of Satan Lucifer’s divine biological Son of direct decent. My poetic lyrics recorded through my holy divine voice are sung in similes and metaphors, so that the degenerate fool will not understand my holy prophecy.

Chapter 5

There are many different genres of Satanism because there are many different deities of old—ancient ancestors of the human race of each ancient gentile language—the ones which are true strongly follow the path of science. Never listen to the falsehood of individuals who stand not with both feet upon the foundation of science—who hypothesize in ridiculous conspiracies. Without scientific evidence, nothing is true—believe it not! My music is the scientific evidence of my divinity because it is undeniably the work of Satan. Music is of the prophets and without music there is no holy prophecy of the gods. Let it be known to you that a prophet who is not a musician is false because music is the art of the gods. Here is wisdom, let he who is wise understand that the infinite living substance of the universe is the result of consciousness and everything is produced by the mind through thought of need; what we think we become. Karma and the Tibetan wheel of life are essential to immortality.

Chapter 6

Do not let anyone explain the purpose of human life to you, for there is no language, nor composition of words known to man that can explain the purpose of human life. The afterlife is not meant to be understood by mortals, for without mystery unto death there is no exploration of knowledge in life. Be unto yourselves masters of your own destiny.